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About Us
The Bunker is a cosy rustic cafe / bar located in the St Catherine's Hill area of Christchurch. The historic area of St Catherine's hill was used extensively by the military during the Crimean War,  the World Wars and was the site of a nuclear bunker during the Cold War. Most visitors today use the hill as an area to exercise their dogs or for other recreational activities such as cycling, jogging and horse riding.
Here at The Bunker, every detail is essential, from the cosy area with inviting lighting, to our comfortable seating and warm gracious service of our staff. The cafe / bar itself is an ideal meeting place for dog walkers (and their dogs) as well as friends and families to relax and socialise, whether it be a quick cup of coffee / glass of wine  or a leisurely evening enjoying our Bunker Bites. We we look forward to welcoming you to The Bunker.
The Bunker is  owned and run by friends Amanda Eames and Kate Green. Kate and Amanda have been great friends for a number of years having both met at antenatal classes (quite a few years ago!!) They both share the same passions which including entertaining, socialising, family life, and look forward to welcoming you to The Bunker soon.
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